Flamencos en route: ‘canto amor’ – a declaration of love

Flamencos en route: ‘canto amor’ – a declaration of love

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Katalin Fekete reviews the internationally acclaimed dance company Flamencos en route, who are due to perform Baden again on 9 and 10 November 2012.

The internationally acclaimed dance company Flamencos en route mesmerised the audience at the Baden Kurtheater recently with their vigorous and sensuous performance.

The 14-strong troupe of accomplished dancers, musicians and singers from all over Europe offered flamenco at its best, showing that it was not just a dance but a way of expressing feelings of love, passion, seduction, and jealousy through dance and music.

The evening opened with Suite Flamenca, a five-part piece choreographed by Brigitta Luisa Merki, founder and artistic director of the dance company.

On the sparsely set stage, containing column-like constructions in the back and two low stools on each side, the dancers, solo and in pairs, made the expressive Spanish dance come alive.

The atmospheric lighting made the dark-haired dancers dressed in black stand out, moving gracefully to the sounds of guitar, the Swedish Nyckelharpa, percussion and vocals. Slow, sombre or smooth sweeping arm movements alternated with fast rhythmic stomping of the feet, rendered with great precision and always in perfect accord with the music.

The dancers' technical brilliance and ability to make transition between staccato and fluid movements was impressive; their versatility and expressiveness enthralling, letting their love for flamenco shine through. The perfectly synchronised movements and well-choreographed dances were a sight to behold.

The second part of the evening was dedicated to the love story of Orpheus and Eurydice. The colourful and playful production stood in stark contrast to the seriousness of the Suite.

Orpheus and Eurydice

Orpheus and Eurydice
Photograph: Alex Spichale

The fusion of different styles of dance and music gave the performers more means to express themselves. While the male dancers, including José Moro as Orpheus and Eloy Aguilar as Death, stuck to stomping and tapping of fast rhythms, the female dancers, like dancer/singer Karima Nayt as Eurydice, expressed emotions through the smooth, light-footed movements of contemporary dance.

Nayt's dark and husky voice contrasted with the refined classical voice of Eva Nievergelt but beautifully complemented it.

Movements, singing and lightning changed according to the mood of the scene, turning the production into a work of art.

The audience, enraptured by the beauty and grace of flamenco, thanked the performers with thunderous applause.

The dance company Flamencos en route is on tour until December 2012. It will be back in Baden with the same show on 9 and 10 November 2012. For details, see www.flamencos-enroute.com.

KatalinFeketeKatalin Fekete is a freelance journalist based in Switzerland. She has also worked in magazine and book publishing and has co-authored three books about Switzerland and cross-cultural issues.


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