WTO gives mixed ruling in China-US anti-dumping dispute

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The World Trade Organisation on Friday partly rejected a Chinese complaint against the United States in a mixed ruling over US anti-dumping measures on some steel pipes, tyres and laminated woven sacks.

Although the WTO's dispute settlement body found that the "US Department of Commerce had acted inconsistently" with WTO rules on five elements of the case, it rejected China's contentions on at least 12 points, according to the ruling.

It called on the United States "to bring its measures into conformity with its obligations" on the contentious items.

The ruling had been delayed for nearly a year beyond the standard deadline as the dispute settlement panel of independent legal and trade experts grappled with the "substantive complexity" of the case, according to the trade body.

China had opposed the "unfair practices" that the US applied during its investigations on the Chinese imports when Beijing formally lodged the complaint in September 2008.

The United States on Friday claimed victory in the dispute with China.

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