Joint custody of children becomes Swiss law

, Comments 1 comment Parents whose jobs could see them moving abroad will have to get permission in future BERN, SWITZERLAND - Divorcing parents in Switzerland will soon be faced with joint custody as the norm. Switzerland is changing its child custody laws to balance the rights and responsibilities of both parents, in the case of divorce but also [...]

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  • InfoSeeker

    on 24th November 2011, 09:03:19 - Reply

    A friend of mine is currently going through a child custody battle, so I’ve been following news about the subject for the past year. Joint custody can work very well if both parents are prepared for the responsibility of loving and raising the children amicably. However, if joint custody is granted and one parent turns out to be neglectful, then how easy is it to award the other parent full custody? My friend lives in Thailand and was attempting to get full custody of her children from a Thai citizen. Child custody in Thailand requires the father to have legal paternity of the child. My friend’s ex-husband has legal paternity, but he is neither a good man nor a good father. Joint custody would be a disastrous compromise in this situation. How will the Swiss government deal with problems like this one where one parent turns out to be unfit?