ICRC seeks $25.7 mn for 200,000 hit in Libya crisis

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The international Red Cross appealed Friday for $25.7 million (18.4 million euros) to help more than 200,000 people hit by the crisis in Libya and slammed attacks on its ambulances in the country.

The International Committee of the Red Cross had revealed Thursday that two of its ambulances were shot at in the coastal area of Mirata, wounding two and destroying one of the vehicles.

"We deplore the fact that Red Crescent volunteers have come under fire. This is quite simply unacceptable," said the ICRC's director general, Yves Daccord.

"Humanitarian workers must be allowed to carry out their work, and patients must be given safe access to medical care."

Meanwhile, the relief agency called for the funds, which would provide supplies and services including food, water, medical care and hygiene items to about 110,000 people in Libya and another 100,000 who have fled across to Tunisia.

"We're in a phase of this crisis where we need to be able to meet the existing needs of the victims, as well as those that are likely to arise in the coming weeks, especially if the fighting persists or intensifies," said Jakob Kellenberger, ICRC president.

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