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Did you hear a loud sound yesterday between 13:30 and 15:00 which you couldn’t identify?

This wasn’t your neighbour’s burglar alarm. It was the test of the 8230 sirens all over Switzerland, which takes place every year in the first Wednesday in February.

If you heard it, then it’s all good.

It means you’d hear it in case of an emergency (like a war or so). If you ever hear the sirens at any other time, turn on the radio DRS to find out what it’s all about. Or check the heavy phone book you received on the last page – there you’ll also find some instructions so you know what kind of alarm you heard. If in doubt, just head to the cellar. It’s a good opportunity to check if you’d be comfortable there – otherwise I recommend turning it into a wine cellar. And yes, I’m aware that these traditions must seem very funny to you. But we’ll keep them anyway. Even if it’s just to give you something to write home about.

Source: Ron Orp's Mail Zurich

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