Double Decker: Featured in a guide to the world's best schools

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Global Education & Skills - Oxbridge 2011 features Double Decker Bilingual PreSchool.

Küsnacht and Kilchberg, August 10, 2011 -  The bilingual preschool and Kindergarten, Double Decker, with sites in Küsnacht and Kilchberg, has been listed in the globally recognized Global Education & Skills - Oxbridge 2011. The publication features 150 of the world's most innovative and leading schools, which are contributing to the improvement of education, ‘blazing a trail to excellence'. ‘We are extremely pleased with our Inclusion in this well-respected educational guide. We consider it an acknowledgement of our on-going endeavours to create a quality preschool environment', states Nava Bader, Head of Double Decker.

Double Decker sets standards in bilingual education. There are two to three teachers and caregivers for each group of 14 children, and the close-knit parent-child-teacher relationship forms a foundation for the practice of the scaffolding principle at Double Decker, whereby the learning process is supported individually through guidance and stimulating impetus. The children are thereby actively engaged and motivated, reducing the risk of them becoming bored or disappointed and averting the activity or lesson. Double Decker works closely with a neuroscientist who facilitates the on-going training program of the teachers, placing particular emphasis on the critical elements of early neural development.

Global Education & Skills - Oxbridge 2011
introduces the world's most innovative schools and presents the foremost centres of education. Over 500 pages comprise the directory, which celebrates global education and offers a look into the organisations and people that demonstrate their commitment to improving education at a national and an international level.

Criteria for inclusion in Global Education and Skills - an Oxbridge Guide include: philosophy, innovative teachers and teaching concepts, achievement, reputation, services offered, dialogue with children and parents, as well as the guarantee of quality educational care. Inclusion was on an invitation-only basis, and the 50,000 copies of the guide are targeted for distribution to leading figures in education, finance and politics around the globe. Behind Global Education & Skills - Oxbridge 2011 are the renowned Universities of
Oxford and Cambridge in England, from which numerous Nobel Prize Laureates have emerged. These two institutions worked in partnership to produce this guide.

About "Double Decker"

In its Küsnacht location Double Decker Bilingual PreSchool takes children aged 2-4 years. In the preschool and accredited Kindergarten in Kilchberg, children range in age between 3 and 6 years. English and German are Double Decker's two teaching-languages. The schools are particularly tailored for families who want their children to become accustomed to a multi-cultural environment. Double Decker is currently attended by 60 children, and has a staff of 23 adults.

Creating a nurturing environment in which a positive language development is supported belongs to the philosophy of Double Decker. In the process, emphasis is placed upon the positive social and emotional development of the individual, and early childhood education and stages of development of the child are linked.

In addition to the various childcare options, Double Decker offers after-school activities and thematic ‘Holiday Camps'.

Additional Information:

Nava Bader, School Head
Tel: 078 880 84 58

Andrea Bader Rusch, Curriculum Coordinator
Tel: 079 660 35 30

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