US investigating 150 UBS customers

19th August 2009, Comments 2 comments

The United States is "criminally investigating" more than 150 US customers of Swiss banking giant UBS for tax evasion.

Washington -- The United States is "criminally investigating" more than 150 US customers of Swiss banking giant UBS on suspicion they concealed income and assets to avoid US taxes, court documents said Tuesday.

"The United States is criminally investigating more than 150 Americans across the country who are believed to have concealed income and assets at UBS, in violation of United States law," the Justice Department said in filings before a federal court in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

The investigation was made public in filings related to the sentencing of Bradley Birkenfeld, a UBS banker who in 2008 provided information to a US investigation into tax evasion by the Swiss bank.

The Swiss bank revealed the customers’ identities to US authorities in February, as part of an initial deal in which the bank provided a few account holder details and agreed to pay a USD 780 million (CHF 840 million) fine.

The US government said on Tuesday, "Three such American clients have pleaded guilty to filing false tax returns that failed to disclose the existence of their UBS Switzerland bank account and report the income associated with said account on their United States individual tax return."

Among those who have admitted wrongdoing is John McCarthy, who opened a UBS account in the name of a Hong Kong-based company, and transferred USD 1 million into it to avoid paying USD 200,000.

The US government earlier in 2009 filed a lawsuit demanding that UBS reveal the identities of 52,000 of its American customers -- holders of accounts valued at USD 14.8 million -- who were suspected of tax evasion.

The case is likely to be resolved out of court after the two sides announced on 12 August that they had reached a settlement. A source close to the case said the deal would be signed Wednesday.

While no firm details have emerged about the agreement signed by UBS and the US government, the Swiss press has reported that the bank may be charged with a fine and the handover of 5,000 of the 52,000 account holders’ names the United States first sought.

The tax evasion issue caused significant friction between the United States and Switzerland, threatening the latter's banking secrecy.

The Swiss government warned that if the United States pursued a court order forcing UBS to reveal all the account holder names it could provoke an international crisis.

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  • Al posted:

    on 21st August 2009, 03:26:12 - Reply

    Maybe the USA, and other countries like Germany, should examine their confiscatory tax regimes instead of trying to be a "big brother" and introduce their police state Orwellian tactics into other countries, especially a country like Switzerland that, formerly, was famous for its democracy, privacy, and rule-by-law. But the Swiss have bowed to the USA, EU, UN. A shame. Once noble Switzerland was the envy of the world but now has open borders, obeys "international" bodies instead of its own people and Constitution, and seems to wish to become yet another country run by the USA and EU instead of its cantons and citizens. A crying shame.
  • enigmaforever posted:

    on 19th August 2009, 19:40:36 - Reply

    Obama sure put it to the Swiss, he wants to rule on every country, and how to conduct their business. To bad the Swiss bowed down, I used to have a lot of respect for them.