UN says no need for armies to secure Libya aid operations

15th April 2011, Comments 1 comment

The United Nations said Friday it did not need armies to secure its relief operations in strife-torn Libya, saying that such a move would only be a last resort.

"The use of military assets is the last resort," said Elisabeth Byrs, spokeswoman for the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs.

"As of now, we are using civilian means," she added, stressing the importance of humanitarian assistance remaining neutral.

With aid now arriving gradually in parts of Libya, the UN has not had to call on armies to protect their convoys, she said.

The UN now has a presence in rebel-stronghold Benghazi, Byrs pointed out.

"I think step by step, it's improving," she said.

The European Union and NATO on Friday strengthened their coordination for a potential EU military mission to deliver urgent humanitarian aid to Libya's shell-shocked city of Misrata.

EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton said that the EU was ready to send a mission to support humanitarian efforts, "if requested by the UN."

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  • tre posted:

    on 16th April 2011, 06:43:48 - Reply

    use eu and or nato armed vehicals to provide evacuation to refugees and those fleeing, because there is not enough unarmed vehicals willing to do the job. possibly stop asking the un, and just do it independantly.
    amred vehicals should not need permission from the un to deliver evacuation food water medical, to people when unarmed vehicals are not available. the un should not be requried to make a desision it doesnt want to make. request more voulentary workers to make/provide/send food, water, medical, evacuation.
    if i need emergency evac food water medical, i dont care if an armed or unarmed person deliveres it to me, i just need it now.
    no physcially abuseing or shooting/useing weapons on poeple that are not physcially abuseing, pointing/useing/shooting weapons at people.