UN raises Libya aid appeal to $407.8 million

18th May 2011, Comments 1 comment

The United Nations on Wednesday raised its aid funding appeal to $407.8 million from $310 million to help over two million people affected by the Libyan conflict.

The sum would extend aid to September 2011, and would help 1.6 million people within Libya, as well as 500,000 others who have fled the country.

The UN said in its aid appeal report that "emerging trends in the crisis include pockets of acute humanitarian need in places like Misrata, but in most of the country, the situation is not critical yet."

Nevertheless, "the potential for a worsening of the humanitarian situation is very much present, with food, fuel and medical stocks running low, shortages of personnel in key sectors such as health, and no end in sight to the political situation which has divided the country."

Donors have so far provided about 43 percent of the required amount.

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  • Harry posted:

    on 19th May 2011, 10:04:19 - Reply

    It seems the rebels want access to the billions stored in US accounts.

    You want the billions that are already in my account? Are you serious?? The only reason I am supporting you is that you can fetch me your oil fields and make me more money. Wake up, it is not going to happen. Go back there on the ground ... kill your own people and fetch me as many oil fields you can. Then we will figure out how to use that oil.

    Read something similar here:


    2 million people requiring humanitarian aid? Within 3 months?? Imagine what the people of Iraq went through ... 5 years of war. They just keep the world in the dark about the hundreds of thousands of people killed there and about the trauma and nightmare that the Iraqi people had to go through. What was their fault ... what wrong had they done?