Switzerland to go tough on paedophiles

1st December 2008, Comments 0 comments

Swiss voters approve of a new law which will allow child abuse victims to bring charges against their abusers without any cut-off period.

1 December 2008

GENEVA – Swiss voters on Sunday defied ministers to approve a tough law that allows victims to bring charges against paedophile abusers without any cut-off period, the ATS news agency reported.

The so-called "White March" initiative secured the support of 51.9 percent of the electorate, about 1.2 million voters in a nationwide referendum, ATS said.

All major parties except the far-right Swiss People's Party (SVP) rejected the proposal, pointing to revisions made to the penal code in June that allows child abuse victims to bring charges until they are 33 years old.

Child sex abuse is a growing concern in Switzerland, where four men were arrested in September over an alleged Internet paedophile network said to involve up to 600 Germans.

Four Swiss men were arrested for "acts of a sexual nature" against children, and for producing pornographic films and images involving young girls.

The German-language forum featured accounts from different men about their experiences with young girls and how best to 'groom' them for pornographic ends, the authorities said.

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