Switzerland and Italy: the euro traffickers

Switzerland and Italy: the euro traffickers

11th November 2009, Comments 0 comments

Italian comedian Beppe Grillo rants about Italy's amnesty to account holders with money in Swiss banks.

Giulio “Tremorti” Tremonti has declared war on Switzerland with the tax shield or amnesty. This is a war between euro traffickers, fighting over the tax evaders’ money. It is estimated that some EUR 600 billion (CHF 907 billion) that originated in Italy and was not declared to the tax authorities is now sitting in the Swiss banks.

EUR 200 billion alone is in Lugano, in the Ticino canton. To all intents and purposes, Lugano has essentially become the homeland of the Italian tax evaders. Tremorti’s mission is to dry up Switzerland in order to balance Italy’s books, so he sent the financial police into 76 branches of Swiss banks that operate in our country.

Since September, members of the Italian financial police dressed in civilian clothes have been checking the motorcars crossing the Italian-Swiss border and beyond. Indeed, there are Swiss citizens that are now on the hunt for any tax investigators sent out “in absolute secrecy” by the authorities in Rome.

Italian showman Beppe Grillo waves to supporters during a meeting in Piazza Navona, central Rome

The Italian ambassador in Bern was summoned by the Swiss authorities to provide an explanation. Switzerland’s former Interior Minister Pascal Couchepin called the Italians’ behaviour a "raid" on Swiss banks.

If all the tax evaders’ funds, estimated at two-thirds of Lugano’s capital, were to return to Italy, the canton of Ticino would risk going bankrupt. It is a battle to win the public thief award: Who is the most disgusting of all? Indeed, it can’t be anything else, with a tax evader who avoids paying taxes in Italy and exports millions of euro to Switzerland, where the money will be safe thanks to banking confidentiality.
This money has been denied to the Italian community, to the weakest members of society, the schools and the hospitals. Hoodlums have kept their money in the shadow of chocolate and may now bring it back into Italy on a red carpet of anonymity and pardon, and pay a levy of only 5 percent. It’s a case of thieves acting against other thieves.

Who will eventually win this battle, Italy or Switzerland? Whose bloody money is this anyway? Are there any politicians involved? Are they perhaps among those who voted in favour of the tax shield or abstained from voting?

Even the Swiss are getting pissed off in their own small way. A former bank manager stated that if he spoke out, "the Italian Government would collapse overnight".

So speak out my little Swiss chocolate, please do us all a favour and speak out!

Text and video by Beppe Grillo, originally posted on his blog


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