Police arrest murderer of four in Aargau

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Police in canton Aargau have arrested the perpetrator of a quadruple murder that has rocked Switzerland.

The detainee, a 33-year-old Swiss man residing in Rupperswil in northern Switzerland, has already confessed to the murders, and his fingerprints and DNA were found at the crime scene.

The arrest, which took place on Thursday, was the culmination of a series of raids by Swiss police.

Speculation is rampant in the Swiss press as to whether the detainee may be a serial killer.

“Financial and sexual motives”

On December 21, the man, a student, murdered a 48-year-old woman, her two sons aged 13 and 19, and the oldest son’s girlfriend, age 21. He then set fire to the house to cover up the crime.

The killer, who acted alone, did not know his victims and has a clean criminal record, said Barbara Loppacher, the prosecutor handling the case. His motives are believed to be financial and sexual.

The man had carefully planned and executed the murders. On the morning of 21 December, the alleged assassin waited outside the house of his victims until the mother’s partner had left, said Aargau Chief of Police Markus Gisin in a statement.

The killer then entered the house, forcing the mother to tie up her son and his friend, before sending her to get money in town. The woman was able to withdraw some EUR1,000 ($1,130) and CHF10,000 ($10,250) from two ATMs. On her return, she was also tied up.

The man sexually abused the 13-year-old boy, and then killed his victims by slitting their throats with a knife, before setting fire to the house.

The quadruple murder is one of the most serious crimes committed in Aargau in recent decades. As the perpetrator had no connection with his victims and was not known to police, it took a while to find him, Loppacher said. The authorities did not want to specify exactly how they had discovered his whereabouts.

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