Crime in Switzerland lowest since 2009

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Crime figures in 2015 have dropped by more than 7% compared to the year before.

The numbers of both Swiss and foreigners accused of crimes continues to decline. 

According to figures released by Federal Statistical Office on Monday, just over 77,000 crimes were committed on Swiss soil. This is the lowest number since 2009 and includes both Swiss and foreign law breakers. 

People accused of committing crimes in Switzerland

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Among foreign perpetrators of crimes, the most prolific overall were Italians followed by the Portuguese who were also responsible for the largest number of violations by resident foreigners. (Switzerland has one of the highest percentages of foreign residents in the world - 24.3% in 2014.)

Top 20 foreign nationalities accused of committing crimes in Switzerland in 2015

Source: Federal Statistical Office   Get the data

Fewer asylum seekers were accused of crimes, registering a drop of more than 18% compared to 2014. Slightly over 2,500 were accused of committing crimes, the lowest figure since 2009. 

However, violations involving the law on foreigners saw an increase of almost 7%, especially regulations concerning unauthorised entry and stay in the country. 

The crime statistics also provide an insight on the “frequency” of crimes committed in Swiss cities based on crimes committed per 1,000 habitants. The most ‘violent’ urban areas were Fribourg (18.2%), Basel (13.2%), Biel (13.2%), La Chaux-de-Fonds (12.9%) and Neuchâtel (12.4%). Swiss cities most prone to burglaries were Neuchâtel (16.3%), Geneva (13.8%) and Lausanne (12.5%).


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