A tunnel, the tourism industry and a talking point

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Here are the stories we'll be following the week of May 30, 2016.


Stevia – a Guarani miracle or nightmare? Our article looks at how demand for this zero-calorie natural origin sweetener is such that businesses are turning to synthetic biology to reproduce chemical versions of stevia. But at what cost to the Guarani people and other small producers of stevia?


Last October, the Swiss Economic Institute (KOF) said that the strength of the Swiss franc and the resulting weak domestic economy were placing strain on the Swiss tourist industry. A slight recovery was expected though in the next two years. We’ll be looking at KOF’s latest prognosis on May 31.


The longest tunnel in the world opens on June 1. At 57 kilometres, the Gotthard’s new base tunnel will surpass Japan’s 53km Seikan tunnel. We’ll bring you all you need to know about the tunnel and the latest on the grand opening, where onlookers will include French, Italian and German leaders and the entire Swiss parliament. For more, go to our dossier.


A Swiss navy? Landlocked Switzerland does indeed have its own commercial fleet, which is celebrating its 75th anniversary this year. But currently world shipping is experiencing stormy times, with Swiss vessels being caught in the maelstrom.


It’s vote day in Switzerland. The main talking point: whether there should be an unconditional basic income for every citizen in the country. It’s the first time worldwide that a national referendum has been held on this issue. Also being decided upon: how to implement a law on prenatal genetic screening, speeding up asylum procedures, boosting road finance and the delivery of public services. We’ll be providing comprehensive coverage.

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