A greying planet from north to south

6th June 2016, Comments 0 comments

The ageing population is increasing at an unprecedented rate. If the phenomenon only affected developed economies in the past, now it has a worldwide effect. Pensions, health costs, lower economic growth ... Through a weekly series of graphics, swissinfo.ch will help explain this global phenomenon and its many implications.

The Swiss population is one of the oldest on the planet. But even Switzerland has notably been surpassed in this regard by nations such as Germany, Italy and Japan.

Even if it is well known that people are living longer than before, understanding how this transformation occurred during the past century is more complex. The animated graphic below illustrates these profound changes. In 1860, there were 12 Swiss aged 20 to 64 years old for every person aged 65 and over. Today, this ratio is only 3.4:1.

Join us next week to focus on the causes of ageing. Meanwhile, feel free to comment on this question:

Do you think that governments today should already start taking specific measures to prepare for older populations? If so, what should they do and why?

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