Risk of dangerous escalation between Russia-Georgia: EU

7th June 2011, Comments 0 comments

Participants at the Russian-Georgian talks in Geneva determined that the security situation on the ground was unpredictable and could lead to a dangerous escalation, EU mediator Pierre Morel said Tuesday.

"The participants reviewed the security situation on the ground, which was assessed as stable, but unpredictable, with a potential for dangerous escalation due to highly worrying developments and incidents," said Morel.

He noted that the situation was stable enough for "daily movements of persons which go by the hundreds."

Yet at the same time, over recent months, there have been explosions and shootings on the ground.

"Such a level of casualty after 2.5 years of intensive work is a kind of warning signal," said Morel.

Georgians and Russians have been meeting regularly since 2008 in Geneva in a bid to prevent another flare-up of violence over the Georgian rebel regions South Ossetia and Abkhazia.

Russia recognised the two breakaway regions as independent after the brief 2008 war between Moscow and Tbilisi, a move condemned by Georgia's Western allies and only followed by a handful of other states.

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