Palestinians examining accession to more UN agencies

1st November 2011, Comments 0 comments

After successfully obtaining full membership at UNESCO, the Palestinians are now examining the procedures to join other UN agencies, the deputy Palestinian ambassador to the UN in Geneva said Tuesday.

"We are in a preparatory phase," Imad Zuhairi told AFP, adding that the Palestinians are targeting to join 16 of the more than 20 organisations based in Geneva as a priority.

"We need to familiarise ourselves with the accession process, and in the second phase, we will write up our application for membership before knocking at the organisation's door," he added.

"All these processes are based on international law, and have nothing to do with politics," said the envoy.

On Monday, the Palestinians were granted full membership by the Paris-based UNESCO, a move which led the United States to suspend its financial contribution to the UN cultural body.

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