Palestinian refugees get UN special treatment: Israel

8th December 2011, Comments 0 comments

Israel lamented Thursday what it termed United Nations "special treatment" for Palestinian refugees, which it said perpetuated their status.

"A Palestinian refugee costs three times more to the international community" than other refugees, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Danny Ayalon said at the 60th anniversary commemoration of the refugee convention in Geneva.

He called for a new mandate for the United Nations Relief and Works Agency, charged with the plight of Palestinian refugees, and an end to the "special treatment" he claimed their received.

"It is time to end the morally unacceptable and unequal treatment of refugees, whereby the Palestinian refugee problem is perpetuated without any possible resolution," Ayalon said in a prepared speech.

"While the UNHCR (the UN's High Commissioner for Refugees) has found durable solutions for tens of millions of refugees, the agency created specifically for the Palestinian context, UNRWA, has found durable solutions for no one."

The minister also lamented what he called the "neglect of Jewish refugees from Arab lands."

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