Over 1,000 global anarchists to meet in Switzerland

30th July 2012, Comments 1 comment

Switzerland, a country known for order, will be host to an unlikely crowd of over 1,000 global anarchists for a gathering in early August.

Between 1,000 and 3,000 anarchists are expected to descend on the northwest municipality of St-Imier, normally home to 4,800 people, for the International Anarchism Gathering from August 8 to 12.

"We wanted to meet up with anarchists of all persuasions and from different countries," said Michel Nemitz of the St-Imier anarchist and libertarian cooperative Espace Noir, quoted by the Swiss ATS news agency.

Participants will take part in talks, debates, shows and generally keep the anarchy flame alive.

The meeting comes 140 years after the umbrella group Anarchist International was formed in St-Imier following clashes between anarchist and Marxist members of the International Workingmen's Association at the Hague Congress.

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    Thanks for the article. For info on people using voluntary Libertarian tools on similar and other issues, please see the non-partisan Libertarian International Organization @ http://​www.Libertarian-Internation​al.org ....