Mexico partially wins WTO tuna dispute against US

15th September 2011, Comments 1 comment

Mexico on Thursday partially won a complaint at the World Trade Organization against United States requirements for the use of 'dolphin-safe' labelling on tuna products.

Mexico had claimed that US measures discriminated against its products, saying that in order to obtain such labelling, Washington requires varying documentary evidence that depended on where the tuna was harvested or how it was fished.

While WTO arbitrators denied the measures were discriminatory, they agreed with Mexico that they were "more trade restrictive than necessary."

They said they drew the conclusion partly because Mexico managed to demonstrate an alternative that would be less trade restrictive.

Nevertheless the arbitrators noted the measures were not discriminatory as Mexican tuna products were not given harsher treatment than products originating from the United States or elsewhere.

The panel also rejected Mexico's claim that the United States violated trade rules by not basing its technical regulations on relevant international standards.

The case was first brought to the WTO in October 2008.

Both parties can appeal the ruling.

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  • leonard clark posted:

    on 17th September 2011, 08:59:33 - Reply

    Friends we are a group on Facebook started to try and persuade any country or corporation to not be able to break our laws by not having to display the "Dolphin Safe" logo on their tuna products. Please...join us brothers and sisters from around the world in standing up for an ocean creature and mammal that has long been a friend to man. Join us on Facebook and send the message to all countries, corporations and leaders that wish to act and behave so inhumanely to our friend, the dolphin ! -Respectfully, Leonard Clark- founder of: "Boycott Mexican Tuna !