Learning becomes an adventure at Berlitz Kids Camps in Switzerland (sponsored contribution)

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From 12 July to 25 July, Berlitz Kids Camps held an English Camp among the romantic vineyards in Seengen (Aargau).

During the first week, 16 children from Switzerland, Germany, France, Russia and Venezuela participated in the camp. In the second week, there were 11 kids coming from the Netherlands, Switzerland, Spain, Australia, and Russia. The international mix of kids created an atmosphere in which children must practice English even outside of the classroom or organised activities in order to communicate with other children at camp during meal times, in their bedrooms and during their free time playing with other children.

At Berlitz's Aargau camps, the children have 2 hours and 15 minutes of intensive language training from English native speakers each morning. English lessons are playful and active, involving many games and unconventional learning activities, which create a fun learning environment that is different from the usual lessons the children take in school. The afternoons are filled with sports activities such as football, volleyball, Hip-hop dance, capture the flag or swimming in the nearby Hallwyl Lake, and creative workshops like T-shirt design, song writing, piñata making and magazine production. All activities are led in English by native speakers and children are required to participate in the activities using English as the main language of communication.

Every evening, all of the camp comes together for an evening group activity. Some of these activities take place indoors, such as Casino Night, Quiz Show, the Egg Drop Competition or the Disco party. Besides these, there are also more physical outdoor activities like Wacky Olympics, Scavenger Hunts or the popular Moon Rock Hunt, where children have to cooperate in teams to find radioactive meteor pieces, which mysteriously fell to the earth on the grounds of the camp house. The highlight of the first camp week in July was the Disco on the final night, where children had the opportunity to write farewell notes to their friends, dance, and partake in refreshments as well as lead some kind of performance ranging from dance routines and songs to group games. The second week’s highlight was the barbeque campfire evening, where children performed the songs that they wrote themselves in the song-writing workshop, learned how to make the American marshmallow delicacy “smores”, and shared their favourite camp experiences around the fire under the clear, starry skies.

The children are all accommodated in the Tageshaus Ruegel in Seengen, where they share rooms with one to two other children. All meals, including a fruit and juice bar at 15h00, are provided by the house. The house has plenty of facilities to entertain the children in their free time, including a classically styled jukebox, piano, kicker table, table tennis tables, football field with goals, volleyball net and nature trails all around.

The end of the two weeks in Seengen was met with tears and hugs by the many new friends who had to say goodbye to each other. Many children pledged to return next year or to meet each other again soon. Together we laughed, played, learned and created. The experiences, new knowledge and friendships gained at camp will surely remain in the memories of the children for many years to come.

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