Japan urges trading partners not to overreact on food safety

30th March 2011, Comments 0 comments

Japan on Wednesday asked trading partners at the World Trade Organization not impose what it described as unjustifiable import restrictions on its exports.

Explaining actions taken on food safety following the nuclear accident at Fukushima No.1 plant, a Japanese envoy to the WTO said: "Japan would like to request WTO members not to overreact by implementing unjustifiable import restrictions."

The country outlined that it had restricted distribution of agricultural products that may have been contaminated, and that it was monitoring levels of radioactive contaminants in order to prevent potential food safety risks.

It added that it was striving to "provide precise information in a timely manner" to its trading partners about the situation and therefore, in return, it called on WTO members to not overreact.

No country commented on Japan's statement, a WTO official said.

Several countries, including China, Taiwan, Singapore and the United States, have banned some food imports from Japan on fears of radioactive contamination.

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