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Blogger MsKayDee of How to make it in Geneva, gets us excited about this creative cuisine alternative to steak, cheese and chocolate.

So, we all know that Geneva is home to a plethora of people from all the wonderful corners of the world.

Somehow, however, this has not resulted in a glut of establishments serving high-quality international food. Yes, there are some decent places to eat niche national/ethnic cuisines (Eritrean is my new favourite), and walking round the Paquis you'd be forgiven for being overwhelmed by choice.

However, eating out in Geneva is notoriously expensive, the quality often underwhelming, and the aforementioned Paquis establishments are usually located in disconcerting proximity to strip clubs (i.e., in the same room).  So, what to do for those of us who are sick to death of steak, cheese and chocolate and want to be able to feast on new and more bizarre delicacies multiple times a week without bankrupting ourselves or dining solo amongst ladies of the night? Well, Latitudinal Cuisine might just be your answer.

After proving very popular in London and popping up in other cities, we're getting deliciously Latitudinal in Geneva.

As Alex, the founder of the idea, says:

"The concept is supersimple (more info on website, link below): it's like geospecific potluck. A dinner group, open to anyone, who cook food from all around the world in groups of anything from 6 to 120. Starting at day 1 of each year cooking food from longitude 1, and move east a degree a day, scanning through the cuisine of this whole beautiful earth. Everyone contributes what they can and talks about it, explaining their dish

So, for example, the first Latitudinal Geneva event will be held this Friday, the 126th day of the year, so we will be cooking food from Longitude 126 and thereabouts, which features the delights of Eastern China, Korea, the Philippines, Indonesia and Western Australia.  YUM.

If you're interested in joining in for this week's occurrence and/or future ones, please contact katedonald [at] or search for the group 'Latitudinal Cuisine Geneva' on Facebook.

Bon app!

MsKayDee is a Londoner by birth but has developed an addiction to living abroad, which has taken her to New York, Buenos Aires and now Geneva, where she is attempting to squeeze out the somewhat hard-to-find fun while planning her next destination. She is a co-blogger on How to make it in Geneva.

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