Bird flu reappears in Switzerland

27th March 2008, Comments 0 comments

The virus was discovered in a duck and is the first case in two years, confirms the Federal Veterinary Office

27 March 2008

BERNE - A new case of a bird carrying avian flu has been reported in Switzerland, the first in two years, the Federal Veterinary Office has confirmed.

The virus was discovered in a duck on Lake Sempach in the centre of the country. The bird, which was found during routine testing, was infected but showed no symptoms of the disease.

The first case of avian flu was found in a wild duck at Lake Geneva in February 2006. Further cases followed throughout March on Lake Constance on the German border.

The last case was diagnosed at the end of March 2006. Today's case brings to 33 the number of birds infected in Switzerland. So far the virus has only been found in wildfowl and not in poultry.

Swiss, German and Austrian scientists have an ongoing research project on Lake Constance, a major sanctuary for migrating birds.


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