A look at some of most notorious terror acts committed by George Habash's PFLP

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George Habash, who founded the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, a radical group that pioneered airliner hijackings, which included a Swiss Air craft three decades ago, died on Saturday in Jordan

27 January 2008
JORDAN -  Founder of the radical Palestinian group, the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, responsible for the hijacking of a Swiss Air Craft in 1970, died on Saturday in Jordan.

A look at the PFLP's most notorious acts:

July 22, 1968 - PFLP diverts an El Al airliner en route from Rome to Israel. After a hostage standoff in Algeria, all passengers and crew are eventually released.

September 6, 1970 - Habash commandos hijack three airliners, Swiss Air, BOAC and TWA, and take them to a desert airstrip outside Amman, Jordan. Most passengers are released by September 12, when the Palestinians blow up the three planes, but 54 people are held hostage for 24 days. A fourth jet is flown to Cairo and blown up.

May 31, 1972 - The group uses Japanese Red Army terrorists to conduct a machine-gun attack at Lod Airport near Tel Aviv. Twenty-seven civilians, including 16 Puerto Rican tourists visiting Israel, are killed.

June 27, 1976 - The PFLP helps hijack an Air France airliner to Entebbe, Uganda, where four civilians are killed during a rescue operation by Israeli paratroopers.

October 13, 1977 - Habash's men hijack a Lufthansa airliner to Mogadishu, Somalia, demanding the release of terrorists held in German jails. German commandos move onto the plane, killing three hijackers and capturing a fourth. One commando and four passengers are wounded.

August 20, 1978 - Gunmen using machine guns and a hand grenade attack a bus carrying an El Al crew as it stops at a London hotel. A hostess is killed, another is seriously injured and five others including pedestrians are hospitalized with bullet wounds. PFLP claims responsibility.

October 17, 2001 - Israeli Tourism Minister Rehavam Zeevi assassinated at a Jerusalem hotel. PLFP claims responsibility, saying it was in retaliation for Israel killing a former leader of the organization, Ali Abu Mustafa.
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    Fatah leader Abbas declared three days of mourning in honour of this murderous animal. So much for Israel's 'partners in peace' supported and financed by the US and the EU....and Switzerland. Thank you Calmy Rey for supporting and validating deceitful barbarians.