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Become Local

Becomelocal specialises in relocating foreign professionals and managers to Switzerland. Our services supplement the activity portfolio of HR business partners and global mobility experts or support them in specific instances.

For the last seven years, we have advised and supported well-known, internationally oriented companies in Switzerland, particularly with expert knowledge in the field of immigration and relocation.

With globalisation and rapid change, companies have tapped into new economic sectors and fields of activity which make local knowledge essential. Specific expert knowledge is usually bought in from outside if expertise and capacities are not available or sufficient internally. However, this can also often be the case when the need for this service is subject to strong fluctuations. | View website | View on map

Perréard de Boccard

Founded in 1912, the law firm of Perréard de Boccard is amongst the oldest in Geneva. The experience Perréard de Boccard has acquired in a very wide range of legal fields for almost a hundred years is now employed each day for the benefit of its clients.

Established by Marc Peter, historian, lawyer and former Swiss ambassador to the United States, the firm was soon joined by François Perréard, the then Deputy Attorney General of the Confederation, member of the Swiss Parliament and the Swiss Senate, and later by his son, Georges F. Perréard. Today, Perréard de Boccard consists of 15 lawyers who prioritize a personalized service paying very special attention to each of its clients.

Perréard de Boccard is also a member of “The Interlex Group”, an international network of law firms which is present in over 60 countries. | View website | View on map

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