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Know-it-all passport®


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Know-it-all passport® is the ultimate English-language guide for the Geneva, Vaud and neighboring France areas. First published in 1999, it has become THE reference book for anything you want to know about your area. The current edition has 780 pages and more than 50 chapters covering everything from shopping, housing and education to birthday party venues, places to eat,  night life, and chocolate!  It also includes information on winter activities, where to go for public transport and much more. The chapter on OUTINGS AND TRIPS (54 pages) is a book within a book. You won't need anything else! 

Supporting the guide, our www.knowitall.ch website is regularly updated with news articles about local products and services, and includes guest blogs and careers information as well as events and activity calendar listings for both children and adults. 

Sign up via the website to receive our weekly newsletter on WHAT TO DO in the area (http://www.knowitall.ch/this-weeks-what-to-do), watch our 10th anniversary video about Know-it-all passport®, tune into our monthly podcast, or receive our list of recommended doctors and dentists.  

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