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Swiss reformation

How a couple of sausages triggered the Swiss Reformation


The less-known history of the Swiss Reformation: how did a roast and a few sausages become catalyst symbols in sparking the Swiss Reformation, or the 'Zwingli reformation'?

History of Valentine's Day

The tragic, unromantic history of Valentine’s Day


The true meaning of Valentine's Day takes a different light when you learn the history of Valentine's Day. Who was St Valentine anyhow? Here we look at Valentine's Day around the world.

America first Switzerland second

America first, Switzerland second: the hidden facts


Switzerland's Trump video swept the internet with its satirical view of why Switzerland should be number one – after America, of course. Just how true are the facts?

How to be Swiss

How Swiss are you? An Englishman's take on how to be Swiss


Just how Swiss are you? Do you laugh like a Swiss? British author Diccon Bewes explains the lowdown on how to be Swiss – and why he wants to be Swiss, too.

New Year's resolution to be Swiss

New Year’s resolution: How to become more Swiss


Alexandra Dufresne moved with her family to Zurich from the United States only six months ago – but she already knows what she needs to better integrate into Swiss culture.

Samichlaus and Schmutzli


Naughty or nice? American expat Alane Kataria-Rennie writes about Samichlaus (the Swiss version of St Nicolas) and his spooky sidekick Schmutzli.

Linguistic theft: You're never far from an English word in Switzerland


It doesn't take long in German-speaking Switzerland before an eyebrow-raising English word pops up. A linguist explains why – and whether there will be a backlash.

Swiss immigration

Does Switzerland have a problem with outsiders?

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The Swiss nation generally loves foreigners – as long as they don't infringe on Swiss culture, writes Mark Hay, who looks at the rising xenophobia spilling over into Swiss politics.

Typical swiss food

The Swiss diet schedule: Typical Swiss foods – and rules on when to eat the...


Like any Swiss etiquette, the Swiss diet revolves around a schedule with its own set of social rules and typical Swiss foods depending on the time of day.

Halloween All Saints Day

The truth about Halloween you didn't know

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Have candy, costumes and commercialisation distracted us from the true meaning of Halloween? Here are some Halloween facts you should know before putting on your Halloween costume.

Swiss greetings

Swiss German Greetings 101

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Jessica Cartwright explains the complicated world of Swiss German greetings, with pronunciations and Swiss German to English explanations to tie your tongue around them.

Romantic words

101 cute, romantic and obscure French terms of endearment

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What's the French word for love? When it comes to cute and romantic French terms of endearment, the French get pretty obscure – and a bit raunchy.

How to flirt: a European guide

How to flirt: a European guide


The French flatter; the Brits are crass. So says a social anthropologist in this review on cross-cultural flirting techniques in Europe.

A guide to the Swiss

Xenophobe's® Guides: A guide to the Swiss


How well do you know the Swiss? This frank and irreverent guide shares some insight to Swiss character and culture.

Swiss culture

Xenophobe's® Guides: Understanding Swiss characteristics


Mountains dominate both Switzerland and the Swiss-mindset – the Swiss treat their daily lives as if they were farming an isolated mountain cliff.

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