Diccon Bewes: The Swiss canton challenge

Diccon Bewes: The Swiss canton challenge

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Diccon Bewes has a daunting (but fun!) challenge for you: do you dare to tackle the canton puzzle?

How well do you know your cantons? The 26 names maybe, but their shapes and places on the Swiss map? I thought that this blog should have something to challenge all its readers and thanks to the lovely HowdyHeidi I discovered this great canton puzzle. Just click on the image or here to play the game.

All you have to do is drag and drop the 26 cantons into their correct places on the map of Switzerland. You’re helped a little bit by the two-letter code for each canton appearing as you move the mouse over its outline – for example, BS is Basel Stadt and VD is Vaud, despite what you might think to the contrary. Note that there’s a little blue canton counter at the bottom (currently saying 0/26), just in case you miss one. Oh, and it’s all against the clock.

Before you get stuck in, take a moment to look at how convoluted some of the cantonal borders are. Hardly a straight line to be seen, with Canton Solothurn getting my award for the wiggliest one around – it’s the green one at the bottom, to the right of Kinderclick.

Now it’s time for the challenge. My best time from three attempts was under two minutes, mainly because I got my Ob- and Nidwaldens muddled up. I’m sure someone out there can beat that, (no cheating though!). So how fast are you?

Reprinted with permission of Diccon Bewes.

Diccon grew up in Britain but now lives in Bern. He has spent the last seven years grappling with German grammar, overcoming his innate desire to form an orderly queue and exploring parts of Switzerland he never knew existed. And eating lots of chocolate. He is the author of the bestselling book Swiss Watching.


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