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5 books about working and living in Switzerland

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Expatica’s selection of books about working and living in Switzerland.


Living and Working in Switzerland, 11th Edition: A Survival Handbook
Written in an entertaining style with a touch of humour, Living and Working in Switzerland is designed to provide newcomers with the practical information necessary for a relatively trouble-free life. It contents include finding a job, permits & visas, health, accommodation, finance, insurance, education, shopping, post office and telephone services, public transport, motoring, TV and radio, leisure, sports and much, much more. It is packed with vital information and insider tips to help minimize culture shock and reduce the newcomers rookie period to a minimum. Living and Working in Switzerland is essential reading for anyone planning to spend an extended period in Switzerland.
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Why Switzerland?
Why Switzerland?, first published in 1976, offers a unique analysis of the structures that make Switzerland work and provides a short, concise "working model" for the visitor or student. Linking an analysis of the micro economy to the major features in politics, history, religion and language, it shows how a "bottom up" society has survived in a world of "top down" states. For this new edition Jonathan Steinberg has completely revised and extended his text, and a number of unusual and attractive illustrations have been added.
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Geneva: Residents' & Visitors' Guide
A guide for visitors and residents, this book begins with an overview of Geneva and Switzerland. It discusses the economy, demographics, environment, culture, money, and media. It describes places to stay and methods to get around. A detailed section for new residents follows, which focuses on documents, licenses, finding work, housing, utilities and services, health, education and transportation in Geneva. The section titled Exploring Geneva features museums and cultural sights in and near the city. It lists parks and beaches, tours, and sightseeing. Many activities are described, such as most sports, health spas, leisure facilities and clubs and classes. Extensive suggestions for shopping and dining complete the guide.
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Living Among the Swiss
This book describes the author's experiences during the past eight years of living and working among the Swiss. It examines several aspects of the Swiss banking system from the viewpoints of consumers, investors and employees. It depicts cultural differences as well as the practical difficulties confronting the new immigrant as he seeks to put down roots. It seeks to edify the vicarious traveller as well as those seriously considering relocation here. Finally, it celebrates in some detail the beauty of this relatively simple and honest land, with especial emphasis on the cantons of Berner Oberland, Graubllis, as well as the environs of Z the observations focus on the German-Swiss, they are surprisingly applicable to the French-and Italian-speaking cantons as well.
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The History of Switzerland
This charming and spirited story of the extraordinary European nation begins with the fall of the Roman Empire and the rise of the Swiss people amongst the challenging landscape of the rugged Alps, and follows their tale through the development of feudalism, the struggle for control by warlords, the Thirty Years War, and into the aftermath of the French Revolution. First published in 1832, this is a tale of dramatic splendour performed by captivating personalities-here is a work of classic history that will delete Europhiles and students of the past alike. Scottish author JOHN WILSON (1785-1854) sometimes wrote under the pseudonym "Christopher North" for Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine. He is also the author of Lights and Shadows of Scottish Life (1822), The Trials of Margaret Lyndsay (1823), and The Foresters (1825), among other works.
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