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While there are certain matters to be arranged locally when settling in Switzerland, the average expatriate will only stay here for around three years. Leaving paid up pensions in each location is costly as well as inefficient, and so most expatriates choose to save for their retirement offshore. For the past seven years, I have been taking care of expatriates and their finances. As an expatriate myself, I share their unique perspective. General financial advice for expatriates, pension transfers from the UK, lump sum management, regular savings, international health and life cover and range of other disciplines are all taken care of by our dedicated team.


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I have been in Switzerland working on a B permit for a year and I wanted to know if I can claim AHV or BVG pensions in cash or to add to my uk pensions.

by Mark on 16 Jan 2014 Read Answer
clive Kelly

i have a frozen pension in the UK worth 140'000 I have been in conversation with two different companies about QROPS I am really not sure what I should do, I guess its not a lot of money to some people but to me its worth the concern. could you please give me some advise.
kind regards Clive Kelly

by clive Kelly on 29 Jul 2013 Read Answer

I may move back to the USA after 4 years working and living here in Switzerland. What form do I need to reclaim money I have put into my Swiss retirement fund, and do I get that from my Canton or from somewhere else?

by John on 28 Feb 2013 Read Answer

Dear expert,

for the last 15 years I have been working for an EU member state public administration contributing to the public pension scheme. I am now moving to switzerland for family reasons and I would like to know if I can transfer my pension entitlements from EU to Switzerland and under what condidtions.

Thanks a lot

by George on 28 Feb 2013 Read Answer

Dear Expert,

I am currently on a B permit living in Zurich, looking to set up a business. Under what circumastance can I release my pension to get lump sum cash? If I return to UK and set up a business can I claim it? If I open a business in Zurich can I claim it? And when?

Thank you,

by clare on 22 Feb 2012 Read Answer

Hi Expert,

I am currently working in Switzerland on a B permit and have been for over two years now. The GF and I want to buy a home in the UK. Can I use my Swiss pension as the deposit on this purchase please? It will be my main residence although of course I will still have my rented apartment here in Switzerland.

Best regards,

by Mark on 12 Feb 2012 Read Answer
Judith Schraemli

Dear Expert,

I am married to a Swiss citizen. I am 59, can I at this age contribute to a Swiss pension plan in Switzerland since we intend to move there within the next 2 years?


by Judith Schraemli on 26 Jan 2012 Read Answer


I moved to Switzerland nearly 10 years ago and moved my UK pension to Switzerland (same company). I have worked for this company for 23 years. I am planning on moving back to the UK - I have a house there (and would sell my property here). Can I transfer my Swiss pension back to the UK (and what would happen if I am not working)?

Thanks for your response.


by Carolyn on 06 Nov 2011 Read Answer
Andrew Downing

If my wife resigns from her job (retires early) in Switzerland before 59, she must withdraw her savings from her employer pension scheme. What can she do about her pension and what is the best option? We are currently UK expats resident in France near Geneva.


by Andrew Downing on 13 Sep 2011 Read Answer
Suzanne Hale

I am Swiss abroad - married and living in the UK with my two children - where can I get a pension forcast having paid into the AVS pension since 71 and retire in sep 2012 - thank you

by Suzanne Hale on 13 Jan 2011 Read Answer

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