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Markus Haefeli
Markus Haefeli

Hi expert,
I am planning to go Zurich in Switzerland and want to know whether my India driving license will be valid there or not. And can I use my Indian driving license for driving a car in Zurich.

by Sawan Mehta on 05 Jul 2011 Read Answer
Markus Haefeli
Markus Haefeli

Hello Markus,
I was photographed in Feb. driving 73km/h in a 60km/h zone in Winterthur. A few weeks ago I received a ticket here in the States from the Stadtpolizei for CHF 250, which is a tremendous amount for me to pay for ANYthing! Is that fine normal for going 13km/h over the limit? It seems quite excessive, but I don't know how those things work in Switzerland. Is there any way I can appeal the amount?

Thanks so much for your advice!
Gina Federico

by Gina Federico on 21 Apr 2011 Read Answer
Markus Haefeli
Markus Haefeli


I was living in Switzerland for two years and moved back to England. I still have a Japanese motorcycle that i bought in CH and would like to import it into the UK. However none of the agencies seem to be able to provide me with an export certificate. I need to return the lisence plates but the stassenvekehrsamt have told me that they do not give export certificates and the customs office told me the same. Do you have any advice for me?



by Akay Zorlu on 02 Mar 2009 Read Answer

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