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Elaine Jarvis
Elaine Jarvis

Are they any document or tips you may know of for gardening in Switzerland (Lussanne to be precise)? I am looking for a present for a brother in law who is moving there.

by Gahl Spanier on 05 Sep 2009 Read Answer
Elaine Jarvis
Elaine Jarvis

Hellou, how you doing?

I have no diploma, but im learning about destilate essential oils, cultivate herbs at organic farm since 2004-2007 on teckton-oleos in Brasil, and after i came to australia and worked at olio bello that is organic to, doing pressing olives and farm jobs, so do you belive that in switzerland coul d I go and keep learning a litle more before i do some curses? I love nature!

With regards, thanks Lego.

by Lego. on 17 Dec 2008 Read Answer

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