Belgafiles: Greeters - unique tours of Brussels

Belgafiles: Greeters - unique tours of Brussels

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Brussels Greeters want to share their passion and knowledge of Brussels with newcomers.

The ‘Greeter’ service is a world-wide phenomenon. It all began in the Big Apple in 1992 when Lynn Brooks decided that she wanted to share her New York with others.

Brussels Greeters are volunteers, from all backgrounds, who love their city and want to share their passion and knowledge with visitors. Off the beaten tracks, the Greeters show “their own” Brussels. The service was set up by the association “Tourisme autrement”—a different kind of tourism.

- 70 active volunteers;

- 12 different language’s choices (German, English, Catalan, Danish, Spanish, French, Italian, Mandarin, Dutch, Portuguese, Russian, Swedish);

- 180 visitors delighted with their unique Greet experience.

To meet a Brussels Greeter simply complete the application form available in English, French or Dutch on the website. The Brussels Greeters Network will then match you with a Greeter who will get in contact so you can create your program together.

This is not your standard tour guide but a personal journey with someone from Brussels who will map out a route that best suits you and will accompany you on a unique—for each and every person—tour of the city.

with permission of Belgafiles.

Paul MBelgafilesorris is a writer, editor and content strategist. aims quite simply to cover everything you need to know about Belgium, from cycling the streets of Brussels to Antwerp's strangest museum.




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