Zeebrugge port to get windmill park

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Evelop says is potential for sixty or more wind turbines in the Zeebrugge port area.

The green current company Evelop, a subsidiary of the Dutch Ecoconcern, will not only erect a windmill park in the sea off the Belgian coast, but will also erect one on land.

According to Evelop there is potential for sixty or more wind turbines in the Zeebrugge port area which could generate 200 megawatts. The area is an ideal location for a wind park, as it gets a lot of wind and as a port area is ideal for a concentration of quite a number of turbines on a relatively small space.

The project may replace twenty smaller projects where windmills are erected in the middle of nowhere, damaging the scarce open space. Earlier wind turbines were erected with mixed success in port areas. Joachim Coens, chairman of the Zeebrugge port company MBZ, said that the management board may support the green energy project under specific conditions. Harbours are meant for port companies, but should these companies need to reduce their electricity bills, they may do so, Coens suggests.

According to the Evelop plan, port companies may buy the green electricity at a fixed price that is lower than the cost of traditional electricity. Port companies and the state could possibly participate in the project, Coens said.

De Tijd Tuesday 16 December 2008

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