Youngsters return from Alpine ordeal

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The youngsters, who survived a night in the Alps upon getting lost on a trek, are now back home.

7 April 2008

KONTICH - The 38 Flemish youngsters who survived a night on top of a freezing cold mountain in the Alps are back home.

The coach carrying the youngsters arrived back in Kontich, near Antwerp, on Saturday morning.

The youngsters got lost on a trek half-way between Italy and Slovenia on Monday and were only rescued on Tuesday morning.

They are all members of the Christian youth movement Chiro.

The teenagers were glad to see their parents after such an eventful trip. They were also keen to see what the press had written about their adventure.

The youngsters seem to have been less affected by what happen than the leaders of their youth group.

The night spent on the mountain has made everyone aware of the need to be well-prepared before embarking on mountain walks.

Their parents are relieved, but also feel that their children have been given an important lesson in life.

Night in the cold
The youngsters were rescued on Tuesday by Italian and Slovenian rescue services.

They had wanted to climb Mount Mangart, but lost their way. They were able to alert the emergency services using their mobile phones.

However, rescue services only managed to locate them after they had spent a night in the blistering cold. The youngsters were brought down to the valley by helicopter.

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