Website to help Europe decide

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The EU Profiler website hopes to make the choice easier for the millions of Europeans voting.

With the European elections now just a little over seven weeks away many voters are still undecided as to which party to vote for on June 7.

By answering a simple questionnaire, users will obtain a presentation of their policy preferences which allows them to compare their preferences to the positions of all of parties standing.

The EU Profiler provides multiple options for further analysis of the political position of the user.

The results are displayed in a party match, a two-dimensional graph and in a multidimensional spider web graph.

Reflect, discuss and analyse

The tool enables the user to reflect, discuss and analyse his or her political preferences and to position him- or herself in the European political landscape.

The EU Profiler will be available for all EU Member States and in all EU languages from the end of April.

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