Tibetans demonstrate against killing in Tibet

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About 200 Tibetans gathered in Brussels shouting slogans such as “EU:wake up!” and “Stop the killing in Tibet” hours before the opening ceremony of the Olympics.

8 August 2008

BELGIUM - In Brussels, some 200 Tibetans have demonstrated against the Chinese occupation of Tibet.

This morning's demonstration came hours before the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games in China.

Demonstrators shouted slogans such as "Stop the killing in Tibet" and "EU: wake up!"

They denounced the Chinese occupation of Tibet, demanded that human rights should be respected and voiced their support for their spiritual leader, the Dalai Lama.

"We want to be free, like you are," one demonstrator told reporters.

"In Tibet, we can't say what we think. If you express your opinion, you can get killed or arrested and end up in jail, just like that."

"The occupation of Tibet has been going on for 55 years", another demonstrator said." We have done nothing wrong, but still the Chinese don't stop the killings."

According to the demonstrators, the Olympic rings are stained with blood. On the opening day of the Olympic Games, they want to point out that China has not kept its promise of change.

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