Strike continues at prison in Leuven

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The prison guards in Leuven have decided to continue their strike until at least Thursday.

The decision was taken at at a staff meeting. On Sunday extra security checks were carried out in the prison and a number of sharp objects were confiscated.

The prison guards at Leuven Centraal started their strike action on Friday following a hostage-taking situation which developed in the prison the previous evening. One person was killed and five injured, including one prison guard who was in critical condition.

The fatality was a prisoner who was the main perpetrator of the hostage-taking. He was shot by the special intervention squad when he continued to try to stab a couple of prison guards and prisoners.

The personnel of other prisons also joined the strike action. Most of the prison guards resumed work on Friday at 10pm or on Saturday morning. The prison guards of Leuven Centraal were on strike through the weekend, and have now decided to strike until Thursday.

Accomplice in the prison of Hasselt (Limburg)

The other prisoner who was involved in the hostage-taking at Leuven Centraal has been transferred to the prison of Hasselt,w here he has been placed in an isolation cell. He is serving 30 years for a murder he committed when he was 17.

The prisoner says that he did not attack any prison guards last week during the hostage-taking, but the trade unions claim that he did.

Strike in Ittre (Walloon Brabant) continues through November 11

The prison guards of Ittre also went on strike last Thursday after the serious incident at Leuven Centraal. In one year there have been four hostage-taking situations in Ittre. The prison guards are asking for more security measures. The personnel of Ittre decided this morning to continue striking until November 11.

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