StopChildPorn to name thirty paedophiles in Belgium

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The previous attempt to list the whereabouts of convicted paedophiles was rejected last April by a federal prosecutor.

On Tuesday the controversial internet site will reopen it’s pages, naming 29 convicted paedophiles which will figure on the VOB BEL site, reported Belga.

Chris Hölsken, who searches for Dutch paeodophiles, has fought to get the pages reopened. “We will not reveal the names or addresses of convicted paedophiles, but we will draw a 500 metre radius around where they live. 29 paedophiles will appear on the VOB BEL pages.”

In mid-April this year, seventeen internet providers were ordered to make the four webpages inaccessible, as they were deemed unsuitable for public viewing.

La Dernière Heure/Expatica

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