Spielberg finds his Tintin

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The famous cartoon hero will be played by British actor Thomas Sangster

31 March 2008

BELGIUM - Film-maker Steven Spielberg has asked Thomas Sangster to play the role of the Belgian boy reporter in his ambitious Tintin film project.

Tintin is the creation of well-known Belgian comic strip artist Hergé. Tintin is world renowned and has been translated into some 70 languages.

The filming of the first Tintin film will start in September. Steven Spielberg has already announced that Tintin will be a trilogy.

Spielberg is filming the first part; Peter Jackson (filmmaker of 'The Lord of the Rings') is filming making the second part.

It is not clear whether Thomas Sangster and the other actors (including Anthony Serkis- Gollum in 'The Lord of the Rings',and playing Captain Haddock in Tintin) will be recognisable on the screen or whether they will be totally transformed into their respective characters.

All scenes will be played by the actors, but 3-D animation techniques will also be used.

"The characters will look like real people, but then like real Hergé people," explains the director.

The first Tintin film is expected to be in the movie theatres in 2010.

A seasoned actor
The 17-year-old Thomas Sangster already has 13 films to his name. The best known is the film 'Love actually' in which he plays a boy who learns to play the drums so he can impress the most beautiful girl in his class.


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