Senate suspends FN allocations

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The decision comes in the wake of former chairman being discredited for singing an anti-Semitic song.

12 November 2008

The Senate quaestors Anne-Marie Lizin (Francophone socialists) and Tony Van Parys (Flemish Christian democrat) have decided to suspend allocations to the Front National party. The decision comes after the recent controversy over the former chairman of the extreme-right wing party Michel Delacroix. He was discredited for singing an anti-Semitic song.

According to Ms Lizin the party's state-funded subsidies have been suspended pending a definitive political decision. Subsidies to parties are paid out monthly to cover administrative costs. The Senate Bureau will convene on Thursday to discuss the situation.

The Brussels public prosecutor's office opened an investigation last week. Mr Delacroix is facing complaints after singing racist anti-Semitic chants.

Footage was spread on the internet. The video was made sing a mobile phone and shows Mr Delacroix and a friend of the Flemish far right party Vlaams Belang when they were singing. The words to the song were in French: "Ma petite Juive est à Dachau. Elle est dans la chaux vive. Elle a quitté son ghetto, pour être brûlée vive". (My little Jewish girl is in Dachau. She is in unslaked lime. She has left her ghetto, to be burnt alive.")

Following the release of the footage Delacroix announced he was giving up "all of his executive functions".

The other man singing with Mr Delacroix was Luc Van Keerbergen who is a member of the Flemish far right Vlaams Belang. Mr Van Keerbergen, who had a function in the social service department (OCMW) in Machelen (Flemish Brabant), was evicted from the party.


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