SMS warnings about alcohol controls

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The police step up regular alcohol and drug controls during the festive season

18 December 2007

 The federal police are furious with a company that is sending out SMS messages warning drivers of where alcohol controls are taking place.
According to an article in the daily De Morgen at least one company is warning people of when and where alcohol controls are taking place. The warning SMS messages can be received for a certain sum. Some of the controls are announced by the police themselves. The company apparently finds out about some of the other controls.

The company claims that it wants to prevent drunken people from driving their car after having drunk too much. The police have another idea.

“If drivers who have been partying suddenly get an SMS about controls and they change their route- they are still drunk behind the wheel,” says police spokeswoman Els Cleemput.

The Belgian Institute for Traffic Safety (BIVV) also condemns the SMS warnings.

According to the BIVV, the initiative undermines the message that it is safest to have a designated driver who doesn’t drink at all.

Furthermore, it is dangerous to read SMS messages while driving- and it is not allowed either.

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