Record number of alcohol controls

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'Bob' is the designated driver who does not drink and drive.

27 November 2008

The new BOB campaign has been launched. 'Bob' is the designated driver who does not drink and drive. It is a yearly campaign during the end of the year festivities. This year the slogan is, "And how do you thank Bob?" The police have committed themselves to at least 10% more alcohol controls this year.

The Belgian Institute for Traffic Safety has launched the annual 'Bob campaign'. State Secretary for Mobility Etienne Schouppe (Flemish Christian democrat) was also present as were local and federal police and some beer brewers.

This year's theme is, "And how do you thank Bob?" Adverts, posters and billboards give some ideas of how to thank the Bob designate. The ideas are light and humorous ranging from giving him or her 5 kilos of gummy bears to breakfast in bed, and so forth.

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According to State Secretary Schouppe (photo) the Bob campaign is needed more than ever. "Driving under the influence of alcohol is still among the top causes of traffic accidents."

Further, Mr Schouppe is in favour of lowering the percentage of alcohol allowed in the blood (from 0.5 to 0.2) for certain groups of drivers including professional drivers and inexperienced drivers.

"Research shows us that the less experienced the driver, the higher the risk of a serious accident. We want to go for a lower level- O.2 which is virtually alcohol free for certain groups of drivers," says the state secretary for mobility.

The police have have set a target of 180,000 controls during the new Bob campaign which runs from 28 November to 11 January, 2009.

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