Queen Paola opens Fabre exhibition in the Louvre

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After three years of working on the exhibition, the Flemish artist is ready to show the world his creations.

11 April 2008

PARIS - Queen Paola attended the opening of a new exhibition of the work of the Flemish artist Jan Fabre in the Paris Louvre on Wednesday.

The Flemish culture minister Vic Anciaux and his French counterpart Christine Albanel were also there.

Queen Paola is known to adore Fabre's green beetles.

Jan Fabre guided the party round and showed them how his work is being contrasted with old Flemish and Netherlanders masters.

He is one of a handful of living artists who have been asked to exhibit in the Louvre.

In the Louvre, they refer to the rich clothes of the French queen in a work by Peter Pourbus.

Fabre's been working on the exhibition for three years. The French gave the Fleming carte blanche to give this bastion of the French art establishment a good shake up.

Louvre director Henri Loyrette does not think Jan Fabre will shock. What shocks people is stupidity, vulgarity and inanity, he says, certainly not talent.

Jan Fabre is no stranger to French art lovers. He has courted controversy in the past.

It now remains to be seen how the public at large will react.

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  • beyst stefan posted:

    on 11th April 2008, 13:40:33 - Reply

    Well, I am shocked by this stupidity and vulgarity
    see: http://d-sites.net/english.fabrelouvre.htm