Protests against war in Gaza

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Across the country people gathered to voice their anger over Isreali actions.

Several demonstrations were staged across the country in protest against the war in Gaza. On Saturday Israeli ground troops invaded the Gaza Strip, one of the world's most densely populated areas.

In Antwerp a demonstration attracted a crowd of 500. The demo was organised by the Association for the Development and Emancipation of Muslims. The protesters voiced their support for mothers and children in the Gaza Strip.

The Arab European League also called on people to join the demonstration.

There was a massive police presence in the northern port city, but no incidents were reported. The police were concerned about possible troublemakers. The original route of the demonstration was changed at the last minute in order to steer the protesters away from the main shopping streets where the sales are in full swing.

A similar demonstration was also staged in Brussels. 1,500 people gathered outside the stock exchange, a frequent rallying point for militants.

25 organisations protest in Leuven

A similar protest was also staged in Leuven (Flemish Brabant). Some 300 people in the university city joined the demonstration against the Israeli offensive in Gaza.

Protesters carried banners urging a boycott against Israel.

They also held a minute's silence in remembrance of the 500 people that have already been killed and the 2,300 that have been wounded.

The protest was organised by a group of twenty-five local associations.

The demonstrators called on the Belgian Government and the European Union to condemn the Israeli attack and demanded the immediate suspension of the EU - Israel trade accord. They also want Israel to comply with international law.


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  • ishta posted:

    on 7th January 2009, 08:06:30 - Reply

    As Peter quote:"if you play with fire, expect to get burnt". If this is the mentality of Israel by putting civilians (woman and children included) and punish them by killing them in a savage way, then Israel has to accept their causes as well. They started the ignition which made the fire, then they have to deal with it.
    Here is a website of dead children:
    and this:

    If they think they have the brain and consider themselves a nation, then they have to act like one. If they want to target hamas, there are many other better ways with their technologies to get them. This is not their target only. They said to the palestinians to leave their house for safety, and the united nation told them to go to the schools, they also targeted the schools with the civilians. They are happy to kill civilians. I have a picture showing couple Israeli smiling in a picture beside a dead civilian. They are really sick people.
    here is a website to prove what i said about the photo:
  • Reem posted:

    on 7th January 2009, 07:32:16 - Reply

    When will the ignorant people start talking logicly and stop their lies about what they want to hide. If you want to support Israel acts, then don't come here trying to oppose hamas self defending their people from the terrorist Israeli act to the palestinian civilians as Israel says everytime they give an excuse to themselves. When Israel respects the union and their neighbors worldwide, as well as take the stupid wall they built, because they are the biggest cowards on earth, and stop their military act, and stop teaching violence in their schools, and to allow food, electricity, water and medications inwhich they are blocking, then we as a palestinian will consider Israel doing its job to respect, or else Hamas shouldn't respect them. With all my respect, someone like you that has no shame at all to see 215 children dying and denying, that is rediculous to still give those excuses by saying they want to target Hamas only. Israel wants palestinians to be deleted as they deleted the word palestine from the map. Read the ``ZIONIST BOOK`. After all what the world saw, and here comes the biggest idiot on TV Perez thinking he will always be in power, because U.S is with him, and says We did not kill any children. The Al-Jazeera Channel and BBC News played it for him, to make sure he sees it this time. From which side of the bed did he wake up. Its not only him to blame, but all our dictator arab presidents who needs to be prosecuted as well, Abbas comes first. All the master destruction weapons Israel uses, you come here and talk about missiles of Hamas. you really have no shame. Listen i am a palestinian, and i don't need to hear a rediculous person like you to actually try to convince people who are madder than before. So all the world is wrong and you are right? i don't think so pal. Hamas shoulld not stop as long Israel fights us, killing us. Stop the lies and stop making stories up. Even the Jews not the Israeli`s are against what happened. We know how Israel thinks (neighbors), more than any other countries and especially you. Thank you god for showing the reality to people who did not know that before and one day this snobby group of Israel will flee out as they came in. Palestinians don't want Israel, but welcomes Jews. That if you understood the difference between a Jew and an Israeli (zionist), that was created and forced itself by all means of military to palestine and made settlements, and not just that, they also kicked all of our families out or else they will die, same strategy till now but with modern weapons, deleted palestine from the map, and created Holocaust to the palestinians, because it happened to them and they want to try it on others (mentally sick people). Then they come and convince people, actually they brain washed alot like you that they want peace and they are the victims, poor them, they live better the american people themselves. Waaw, If this what they want to achieve from long time ago, then why they deleted Palestine from the map. Why they did not say lets have Palestine / Israel in the map? Also they say that Arabs are the one who actually invaded the Israeli territory. This is sooooo funny how they want to change the history, because Sharon is Russian, i don't think he looks arabic. Who was in palestine are palestinians jew / arab jew not european jew. I hope something went in.
    Something to know, some people compare Palestine to America, and the Indians like Palestinians. We are not a comparison to them. It is nothing against the Indians, I respect them and I know its their land, and they were tortured by whites immigrants from france and England, same people that destroyed both. First Palestine is la ong old nation, civilized before america was born or even was in the map. It has a history of religions and traditions. I don't think that America has a history like Palestine and the Indians were not civilized at that time like us. The Indians had their traditions, but its not a comparison to the arab nation. The Indians accepted and gave away their land with their knowledge. We are not the indian mentality, we don't give our traditions and land and everything we posses to people that has no respect of humanity that easy. If Israel, America and all people who supports them does not know the arab mentality yet or they play the dumb part (which i think so), then they have to be taught their way.
    Israel is responsible for all it acts against the people of Palestine and outside Palestine. They like it or not, they are hated from millions of people. They don't respect the arabs or other races, because they think they are the best and everyone else is slaves. They don't respect Religions, ofcourse Islam. The word Islam became Terrorist word in the mouth of aethiests and uneducated christians or jews. If they don't respect their own religion, we don't expect them to respect other religions. We as muslims never made fun of christianity or jew or even bad mouthed your believings or your worshipping gods, prophets. But the vice versa does, Christians and jews. That is the difference between us and you.
  • Peter posted:

    on 5th January 2009, 16:23:21 - Reply

    The mind boggles!!!

    Just what is the world coming to when idiots demonstrate to basically support Hamas - a terrorist organisation that has been attacking ordinary civilians - indiscriminately? Who demonstrates about the rockets that Hamas has been firing at Israel? Presumably that is OK ?

    If the Palestinians wish to elect terrorists to govern them, then they must be prepared to face the consequences - "if you play with fire, expect to get burnt" !!!

    As a point of interest, all this stuff about the state of Palestine appears to be a lot of balderdash. Those interested should visit the following url and read the article written by Joseph Farah, (an Arab) in October 2000 -