Police inspector murders ex girlfriend

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In Halle (Flemish Brabant) a chief inspector has shot dead his former girlfriend. The police officer then took his own life.


The tragic events have been confirmed by the Brussels public prosecutor's office.

The two forty-year-olds had been in a relationship for five years, but had parted company.

Wednesday afternoon the woman went to the officer's place to pick up some things. The policeman shot her dead using his police firearm and then took his own life. 

When the woman did not turn up in the evening, her new partner alerted the police. 

Police officers went to their colleagues’ home and discovered two bodies.

Too much laxness?

In Belgium officers are not allowed to take their police weapon home, but have to keep it in a secure cabinet at the station. This clearly did not happen in this case. Moreover, the officer in question was on holiday.

The police union is also warning against laxness regarding police arms. In recent days two Walloon officers committed suicide with their weapon. 

It's up to police chiefs to ensure their staff comply with the obligation to store their arm in a secure place at the station. The police union says too many police chiefs fail to check compliance.



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