Oldest Belgian enjoys a daily beer

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Romanie Pollet turned 110 this year.

In the Brussels district of Ganshoren a birthday party was thrown recently for the oldest Belgian. Romanie Pollet turned 110 this year. She is still in good health, which she attributes partly to the glass of beer she drinks every day.

Romanie Pollet was born on 21 December, 1898 in Gistel (West Flanders). She worked as a couturier seamstress and is perfectly bilingual (French and Dutch).

Romanie Pollet is the eighth Belgian to surpass the age of 110. She has been living in an old folk's home for the past 12 years. Among other presents for her birthday was a bouquet of flowers from the King and Queen.

Ms Pollet is in good health. "She eats well. She can still eat her sandwiches alone," tells Sandra Van Brempt, nurse at the home where Romanie Pollet lives. "She drinks a beer every afternoon as well. She is always good-humoured," adds the nurse.

Romanie Pollet is also strong-willed. "If she does not want to do something, she doesn't," says Ms Van Brempt.


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