Obama also Winner in Belgium

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Democrats Abroad announced that Senator Barack Obama has won the organization’s Global Primary.

22 February 2008, BRUSSELS – Democrats Abroad announced yesterday that Senator Barack Obama has won the organization’s Global Primary. The results were certified by the International Chair of Democrats Abroad, Christine Marques, in Geneva, Switzerland.
The results of the Global Primary for the top two candidates are as follows:
DA WORLDWIDE:     Barack Obama: 65.6%                  Hillary Clinton: 32.7%
DA BELGIUM:                   Barack Obama: 61.8%                  Hillary Clinton: 37.5%
The other candidates (Biden, Edwards, Richardson, Kucinich) as well as those cast as “uncommitted” received 1.7% of votes worldwide and 0.7% in Belgium. These global results determine the allocation of 4.5 delegate votes at the Democratic National Convention. Senator Obama won 2.5 delegate votes, and Senator Clinton 2 delegate votes. A further 2.5 votes will be determined at the Democrats Abroad Global Convention in April. In addition, Democrats Abroad holds 4 "superdelegate" votes – bringing the total to 11 votes at the convention.
The Democrats Abroad Global Primary was conducted from 5 to 12 February 2008. Balloting took place at voting centers in over 30 countries, by mail and fax, and, for the first time, on the Internet through a secure voting system. Online ballots were cast from 164 countries and territories, from Antarctica to Zambia.
"Americans living in Belgium were clearly eager to have their voices heard. We saw a great diversity of voters taking part in the process, including many first-timers,” said Kevin Prager, Chairman of Democrats Abroad Belgium. "It was our first international primary, and we had a higher-than-expected turnout of both new and old Democrats."
For the first time, online voting let Democrats in every corner of the world take part – including Adam Lutchansky, a researcher at the US scientific mission at McMurdo Station, Antarctica. "The online Democrats Abroad Global Primary expanded the frontier of voting opportunities, and it worked easily, even from the harshest continent on Earth,” said Lutchansky.

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  • Toe Vittore posted:

    on 27th February 2008, 21:26:58 - Reply

    America is not ready yet for a black president. Obama
    may be a winner on those polls but the general public will have the problems in the future to deal with the black population in the country. This is the way everybody sees the future. We will have problems as it is with the war we have with the Irak and who knows what else will appear. The general public will have the problems and not the president. This is my view. Thanks