No Christmas tree on Brussels historic market this year

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This year unlike previous years there will not be a genuine Christmas tree on Brussels historic market square.

For many years a traditional fir tree has embellished the market square, but this year the tree's sponsor, electricity generator Electrabel, has opted for something new.

Sara De Bruyn: "There will be a 25 metre high structure consisting of a set of screens. During the daytime you can climb to the top of the tree where you will be able to enjoy a panoramic view of the city. As soon as it becomes dark the tree turns into a spectacle of light and sound. Every ten minutes an amazing show will unfold."

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  • Marie Louise Borg posted:

    on 12th November 2012, 07:53:26 - Reply

    Re: my previous comment..I feel offended that the Christmas Tree will NOT be in Grand children are coming over to Brussels to see the Christmas Tree in Grand Place amongst other things!
  • Marie Louise Borg posted:

    on 12th November 2012, 07:51:22 - Reply

    How can a beautiful Christmas Tree offend anyone! How can these people ever integrate if they cannot accept the culture of the country hosting them?!! I PERSONALLY FEEL OFFENDED SO WHAT WILL THE BRUSSELS AUTHORITIES DO ABOUT IT?!
  • Julian Carroll posted:

    on 10th November 2012, 15:30:08 - Reply

    Unbelievable! Are we going to allow this tradition to be scrapped because it might offend some people? How about all the people who are offended by NOT having the traditional tree? I suggest a mass boycott of Electrabel would send the right message.